An Introduction to Alternative Pet Health Care

If you did not know from my About Me page, my name is Sandra, and I am veterinarian who advocates alternative medicine and care for pet health.

I believe in natural, organic pet foods and natural remedies, coupled with massage and other great alternative options for caring for your pet.

Remember, animals have a much harder time communicating their wants and needs, so you have to be extra careful that you treat them right.

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the hermit

Hermit Crab as a Pet? No Problem!

Fish as pets are always fun, but these days they’re just a bit overrated and a bit overdone. After all, fish are quite boring–there really is not much you can do with them beyond feed them and watch them.

When it comes to pets fish are relatively low maintenance, only needing occasional spot cleanings of their aquariums in between regular cleanings (replacement of water and all).

I guess that’s part of the appeal of having fish as pets: the fact that they are just so incredbily low maintenance. Unlike dogs who need to be walked daily and fed multiple times a day, and cats whose litter boxes have to be cleaned regularly, fish don’t need the same kind of care and attention.

But if you’re going to have such a low maintenance (boring) pet, why not spice things up? Instead of getting a fish, why not try getting something like a hermit crab?

Hermit crabs are a bit more interesting than fish, with the different shells you can put them in and the different environments you could design for them.

If a hermit crab interests you, well here is a small guide about keeping one as a pet.

the hermit

What Do You Feed Your Hermit Crab?
The first question anyone might ask is what do you feed your hermit crab? Well… just like any pet, hermit crabs need food and water to survive.

Before you even feed your hermit crab, remember that hermit crabs are sensitive to metal. Make sure that you do not use metal in their environment and especially not as their food bowl.

So make sure that their food bowl is a) not metal and b) non-pourous. Same goes for the water container.

As for the water, remember that hermit crabs are sensitive to chlorine, so treat all their drinking water with anti-chlorine or with a water conditioner. Also make sure that both bowls are large and shallow–they need to be able to easily get in and out.

the house chainAs for hermit crab food… the crabs are omnivorous and they actually like variety. They usually eat very slowly and at night too. Add some calcium supplements to their food. You can go with a pre-mixed food (pellet type) or give them a diet with variety–chopped fruit and veg.

Caring for your Crabs
As nocturnal creatures, you can expect the crabs to be asleep in the day. You should have a habitat light that will stay on in the morning and off at night if your aquarium isn’t next to a source of natural light.

Make sure to check food and water at night because that’s when the crabs eat. Crabs do grow so make sure that in their aquarium they have two shell options, each 10-15% larger than the current shell.

In their environment, provide two bowls–one fresh (dechlorinated) water and one salt water.

Handling Your Hermit Crabs
The more you handle the crabs, the more comfortable they will grow with you and your presence. When picking them up make sure to move slowly to avoid startling them. If they ever pinch you, put your hand down on a table with their shell on the table so they will let go and walk away.

Hermit crab housing chain:

Finding the Right Kind of Dog Food for Any Dog

Food for your pet pooch is not one size fits all.

LittleBigDogThe fact of the matter is that every dog has very unique, different needs. Not all dogs are the same after all, as there are different types of and breeds of dogs.

There are toy dogs, the smallest of the kind, small breeds, medium breeds, large breeds… With so many different kinds, surely there are a tonne of different kinds of dog food that is recommended and appropriate for every kind.

There are many different highly recommended dry dog food brands out there but even those are not quite universal.

So with all the hundreds and maybe even thousands of brands floating around on the market…how exactly do you choose the kibble you feed your pet?

Well it’s better not to dwell on a specific brand… Instead it’s better to focus on what makes the kibble a good choice. Here are the factors that you should consider when it comes to checking whether kibble is good or bad.


The first thing that you should do when you are looking for kibble is to flip it over and read the ingredients list.

No joke, this is the best and easiest way to find out whether the dog food is worth your time or not.

You have to figure out if the recipe is good and nutritious, or if it is full of filler and useless ingredients that won’t do your pet much good, or any good at all.

To be able to distinguish the good recipes from the bad, however, you also need to learn the basics about the ingredients that you should see in GOOD dog food… so read up on those.


Check out the formula of the kibble, does it say that it’s the right kind of kibble for your pet?

If your pet is a puppy, you should be feeding him a formula that is made for puppies so that they can get all the nutrition that they need.

The same goes if your dog is an adult. If your dog is an adult a puppy or elder dog formula will not work for them anymore; you need the right kind of recipe that will give them the kind of nutrition that they need.

So check the formula and ensure that you have the right one.

Your Dog’s Physical Health

If your dog is underweight and needs to gain a few pounds, it is not a good idea to feed them a weight loss formula.

A dog that is underweight will need to eat a formula that is proven for weight gain.

The same applies for a dog that needs to lose weightóno use in feeding them a weight gain formula. Giving your pet the wrong formula can seriously compromise their health, and who wants to do that?

Finding the right kind of pet food is challenging, but fulfilling in the end. So good luck with your search!